Caroline Ross is the owner of multiple photography businesses, including commercial and fashion pthoography business Charlsross. Caroline lives and works in downtown Vancouver, BC. Caroline started photography in 2009 and specializes in on-location editorials and clothing e-commerce. Born in Northern Ontario, she lived for a few years on the Caribbean island of St Maarten, shooting portrait and fashion photography.


Caroline Ross has appeared on reality TV as a fashion photographer in a top-model style show, and has been in over 80 publications.




Caroline Ross has been featured in the following magazines and sites: Montecristo (online), TRUE Anguilla (print), Tropics Magazine (print), My Canada Magazine (print), Create Magazine Fashion Editorial (Print) WestVancouver Magazine (print), The Frosted Petticoat (online).


Caroline Ross was exhibited at Photo LA and West Hollywoods Long Gallery through Round Hole Square Peg 4. Round Hole Square Peg is a biennial international survey of the queer photographic gaze.