vancouver commercial photographer


From Caroline Ross

Editorial and commercial photography is shot on-location or in studio. Charls Ross has a full portable studio and team to shoot on-location inside and outdoors. Outdoor shooting is preferred, in all weather and climate.


Editorial photography shot on-location uses the environment to help tell a story. Tents are used in case of rain and hot beverages keep everyone warm. Producers and creative directors help the day go smoothly and ensure the shoot can take place regardless of the weather.


Models, hair and makeup artists, and location permits should all be booked through a producer. Charlsross has a recommended companies to help ensure the Vancouver fashion and editorial photoshoot proceeds smoothly.

Charlsross is a Vancouver fashion photographer, Vancouver editorial Photographer and also offers corporate headshot and branding photography services in Vancouver, BC. Charlsross shoots e-commerce and product photography in various studios throughout Vancouver. Charlsross specializes in on-location photoshoots with a portable studio and crew.